Ways To Have Good Quality Optical System Design

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Every generation believes something. Every generation has some lie told to them that they later learn to be true. Taking care of your eyes is not any different. Here are 5 myths about your eyes that may not be as accurate as you thought them to be.

1) Some are educated to feel that whites are great for their eyes. Yes and no. Carrots are good, but there are better things to keep them healthy. Kale and spinach visit the top of the list. Any dark, leafy vegetable will be great for your eyes. Keep eating the carrots, but understand that carrots are not the be all and end all.

2) Some of you may be using eye drops for your eyes. This is a good habit to get into. I use them almost daily. Put them in the fridge. The drops are likely to sting less when they are kept cold.

3) How a lot of you read by a dim light? I'm guilty of it also, relax. It isn't bad for you, in spite of what you have been told. The worst thing you'll get from it's a headache or a terrible migraine. That is it.

4) Not all eye drops are good for you. Just take the sterile drops. They may decrease the redness on the eyes, however they will make every thing else worse for those with an infection. Some have needed to get their eyes eliminated because of this. See the label before you put the drops into your eyes.

5) Some prefer to wait before the symptoms look in their eyes. This is not a good habit to get into. Once you start discovering that something is wrong, you Want to See a doctor. People have gone blind just by ignoring the early warning signs. I.e. light and optical systems.